Lost & Found Chapter 6


Maan stared blankly, his eyes focused on the coffin. He could hear his brother wailing, he couldn’t bring himself to turn and comfort his brother as he felt his heart breaking every single moment as he stood here. He wanted to crouch down and pull open the coffin, he wanted to shake his dad awake but he knew… he knew his dad had left them. His father had broken the one promise he’d promised to keep.

He blinked when he felt a small hand slip into his and squeeze, he turned and looked down at Geet who’d stared ahead sadly.

He exhaled the breath he was holding and closed his eyes allowing his tear to fall down.


Two months passes by in a blur, the buzzing sounds of chaos always coming in through the double doors, our names being yelled by residents, our pagers ringing every few minutes.

It was going to continue, however this time I’d have my husband to go home to, even if it just meant going to sleep.

I glance at my watch as I settle in the plane, a few hours then I’d be back in Manhattan, I’d be back home in my husband’s arms.

My heartrate increases as the plane starts and we’re moving across the runway, I exhale as I already imagine how my husband is going to greet me.

The last two weeks, we’d barely been able to keep in touch due to my schedule. I had not been able to respond to the first couple of messages and I hadn’t heard from Maan for over a week now myself.

As the seatbelt signs go off, I unbuckle my belt setting back comfortably and pull out my phone, I open my photos and smile scrolling through the images.


“Truth or dare?” Sarah arches her brows at Maan.

Maan looks down at the bottle pointing to him and glances over at Geet who stares in amusement.

“Truth” Maan answers, he knew Sarah Jenkins very well. If he were to choose dare, she’d probably dare him to either strip naked or make out with herself.

“Scared to choose dare?” Geet challenged.

Maan scowled at her, she only smirked taking a swig of her bottle of beer.

“Dare” he changed his answer and looked at Sarah.

“You’re going to make out with the person the bottle falls on” Sarah stated placing her hand on the bottle.

Geet smiled, “That’s too easy” she cut in grabbing the bottle, “You’re going to go skinny dipping in the neighbours pool” she pointed.

Maan frowned, the neighbours yard was hers and Archana was certainly going to kill her.

“Agree with that” Jacqueline raised her bottle smiling wickedly.

“Fine” he stood leaving his bottle and walked across the yard, he jumped over the small fence and approached the pool. He glanced over his shoulder, Geet, the girls, his brother, his friends stood by the fence snickering.

He cursed unbuttoning his shirt and started undoing the buttons of his jeans when the security lights came on. The others ducked when they heard Archana and Kavita swinging open the door yelling, Maan turned to run when he tripped and fell onto the grass.

“Maan” Archana gasped seeing him just in his jeans lying half naked.

“What the hell are you doing here, boy?” Kavita poked his shoulder with her heels.

“It was Geet” Maan huffed sitting up and looked over, all his friends disappeared.

“I think he’s hallucinating” Archana noted.

“I’m not” Maan stood grabbing his shirt and slipped into it.

“You hit yourself pretty hard, your junk okay?” Kavita asked poking him.

“Fuck sakes” Maan jumped back and noticed his girlfriend walking out and laughing.

“His junks still working” Kavita informed Geet.

“You’re all crazy” Maan turned to leave.

“Hey, cry baby!” Geet called out.


“Do I need to spell it out for you?” Geet scowled when he looked over.

“I’ll pick you up at 8” Maan smirked making Geet smile sheepishly.

“Yay! Loopy has finally asked her to the dance” Archana clapped whilst Kavita gave Geet a high five.


I walk through the terminal glancing around for a glimpse of Maan, I feel a tinge of disappointment when he isn’t here. Maan would have known that I was coming home, he would’ve known and he would’ve been here to pick me up so why wasn’t he here?

I pull out my phone to see if there were any messages from him but there wasn’t anything.

I ponder for a moment whether I should call him, but what if he’d genuinely forgotten and I’d ruin this if I were to tell him I was here. I could always surprise him.

I grab my suitcase and hail a taxi outside giving the driver my address, I lean back settling for the 40 minute drive back home, my eyes drawn to our photos once again.


“I… I had fun” Maan murmured as he stopped outside of Geet’s house. “Since… my dad… I didn’t think I’d have fun or be smiling. I smiled and had a lot of fun” he expressed.

“He would have wanted you to have fun, not mourn for him everyday” Geet responded.

“I know” Maan nodded.

“You did one good thing, this year” Geet stated.

“And, what is that?”

“You finally asked me out” she grinned.

“I asked you to the dance, I didn’t ask you out” Maan responded stepping back.

“You asked me out, mister” Geet grabbed a hold of his shirt pulling him close. “You and me are now going out. Understood?”

Maan chuckled, “Understood” he nodded.

Geet released his shirt smiling, Maan turned to leave.

Geet pulled out her keys from her purse and looked up, Maan stopped and looked over.

“You haven’t said bye to me” she told him.

Maan contemplated over her words, then walked towards her closing the distance between them. He stood and stared at her, his eyes taking in her beauty.

“Good night” he murmured.

“Good night” she whispered softly in response, he swallowed thickly as they stared at one another, Geet stepped forward as he lifted his hand and placed his palm on her cheek.

He lowered his head as she tiptoed, their lips touched a second later, their hands found themselves around one another as they shared their first kiss.


“We’re here” the driver calls out to me, I smile taking in our house and hand the driver cash climbing out the taxi with my suitcase. My heart races as I dig out my keys as I climb the steps and unlock the door.

I drop the suitcase closing the door behind me and walk around our house, it had been quite a long time since I’d been home to surprise Maan. I had only managed to surprise him twice more since the first time. My heart races jumping excitedly, butterflies skittering in my abdomen as I walk around, my eyes draw to our pictures hung on the wall.

It feels as if I had been gone years instead of months, I check the kitchen and dining room then head upstairs to our bedroom.

I frown glancing at the clock noting that Maan wasn’t home, it was nearing 9pm and he was usually home by 5pm.

I pull open my phone and call him, I wasn’t going to tell him I had returned home, I already started imagining his response, him telling me he’s on his way home. I’d quickly shower, change into his favourite lace cami and wait for him on our bed.

The phone continues to ring, and then goes straight to voicemail.

I cut the call and try once more, and once again it rings then goes to voicemail.

Before I could make another attempt at calling Maan, my phone rings and I note that it was Varun. I don’t get a word in when Varun calls out urgently, “Meet me at the hospital quickly!”.

The butterflies that were skittering in excitement fell down in one swoop and my heart lurched up to my throat almost stopping my breaths.


Maan headed home with a big smile on his face, he had kissed the girl next door. It was still a little unbelievable that he had kissed Geet, he had never expected to kiss Geet ever in his life time considering their introduction to one another was filled with hatred and annoyance.

He shoved his hands in his pocket as he walked towards his house, he paused when he noticed his mother and Varun stood there.

“What are you doing here?” Maan asked glowering at Namya.

“I asked her to come here” Varun intervened stepping in front of his mother protectively.

“Varun! What are you doing?”

“Stop it” Varun scowled, “She’s upset, can’t you see that?” he pointed.

“And why is Namya madam upset?” Maan crossed his arms.

“Arhaan left her” Varun answered.

Maan stared at Namya for a moment then chuckled, Namya looked up horrified and her cheeks reddened.

“Varun, get inside” Maan told his brother then looked at Namya, “You can leave”.

“She doesn’t have anywhere to go” Varun argued.

“Choose now Varun, you either choose Namya or me. Remember she left dad for Arhaan” Maan stated firmly. “She’s going to find someone else who’s young blooded and leave you for him if you choose her”.

Varun frowned and looked at Namya.

“I… I still loved you both, I love you both” Namya looked between both her sons.

“You chose Arhaan” Maan reminded, he still remembered his father had given her an ultimatum. It was her children or Arhaan and she had chosen Arhaan.

Rajat loving his children too much couldn’t deny her rights of wanting to see them and keeping a bond between them.

Varun cried as Maan held onto his hand and led him inside their house closing the door behind them.

Maan held onto his brother’s shoulder and pulled him for a hug, “Dad’s gone, she walked out on us but I am here. I’m always going to be here for you, Varun”.

Varun cried softly and hugged his brother back tightly.


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25 thoughts on “Lost & Found Chapter 6”

  1. I can’t really blame Maan to be honest..he’s only looking out for his brother regarding his mum..what kind of mother would walk out on her children for another man?! Varun was young and naive and wanted to believe his mum..I’m glad Maan was there for him now that their dad had passed away..That must have been truly heartbreaking for both boys.

    Loved the cute moments between Maaneet from their past..Geet was there for Maan when his dad died and that probably brought them closer in my opinion.

    I hope Maan is ok..why has Varun called Geet to the hospital?? She hasn’t heard from him for a week so she should have really been concerned whether she was busy or not.Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious.

    Love the way this story is progressing..look forward to the next part soon.


  2. Uhhh my stomach is churning with the lack of responsiveness from Maan’s side its definitely building up the story, but I think I am like panicking of whats to come. Dang who knew a dare could get you such a hot date, its like they just happened and since then its been a happy and happening relationship. Maan, Varun and mom need a family therapy session maybe, but looks like they havent been much in touch since the passing of their father and since Arhaan walked out on her.

  3. dis is going to happen……u left ur son n husband fr ur so called love n nw ur socalled love left u…….dis is destiny……wht u gave u will get back 100 times more…….u deserved dat namya………hw can u come to dem…..shameless u r?………..

    but where is maan?why he not at home n why not picking phone?

    lovely update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

  4. Ahh this update was like a roller coaster ride..One side it Maaneets beautiful past there childhood..Gosh i soo loved this bold geet n maan..There flashback was simply fantastic..But what kept me intrigued is that where is maan..Is he okh?? Y do I have a feeling that maan isn’t well or there is something wrong with him..Just keeping my fingers crossed n wondering where is maan???
    Beautifully written update too gud loved Maaneets childhood memories it was all soo wonderful

  5. It was quite shocking part. Maan had lost his father who was only support of him and his brother. But eventually they handled each other nicely. Their mother tried to come in their life again but Maan was determined to not to let her come again in their life to ruin them again. though I felt bad for varun, I think it’s right decision somewhere.
    Finally the training is over. Geet was too excited to come back to Maan. she was recalling how Maan had asked her out and how their first kiss happened. She was weaving dreams throughout whole journey. She was disappointed seeing Maan nowhere to pick her up. When she reached home, maan wasn’t there also. What happened to Maan. Why did varun call geet in hospital. Waiting for next

  6. Oh feelind bad fr maan loosing his dad he really took care of them wen thier mom is nt here if we see maan point of view he isrute she choose her bf over children so maan anger justified n wen he see his dad sufferings so this make him more mad at is mom i relly wonder at maan mom she choose that type of bf whose after using her throw her out of his life fr the pne she left every thing even her children
    Oh my GOD so finalaly maaneet together im happy no more fighting
    Ops geet back n wat happen to maan hope nothing is serious i really dont wanylt any complications between Maaneet

  7. Last phone call from Varun got me hooked.. why the hell he called geet in hospital and he knows about geet’s return 🤔😰
    MG’s past was rather cute.. they got together bcs of some funny dare lol.. all made him joker, a stripping joker 😂 that scene was too good 😂 👌
    I don’t think Maan was wrong in showing place of his so called mother.. varun was naive.. and I can see the great bonding both the brothers were sharing with each other ❤❤
    Lovely 😍
    Can’t wait for next update.. my interest is building up very fast 😆
    Waiting for next update

  8. Wowwwwww…am so glad that Geet is finally heading home to Maan…so so glad that separation is finally over and they are back where they belong…In their home with each other. But why is it that Maan has not gotten in touch with Geet? He understands her schedule and would try to speak to her or message at least…

    Why am I getting a bad feeling? Is Maan hurt? They have not heard from each other for a week…Something is seriously wrong…Knowing Maan…he would have been counting down every second for his Geet’s arrival…But this emptiness is giving me goose bumps…Really worried for Maan now…especially after Varun’s call…Praying hard that Maan is okay…

    As Maan stands there seeing his father laid to rest…my heart just bled…it reminded me of the time when I lost my dad…And I was lost…burrowing deep within my protective shell…And I have stayed there till today…I am happy that Maan has Geet by his side…the one soul who could understand him from the depth of his heart and soul…without the need for any words…

    I am glad that Maan was very clear in his stand where his mum was concerned…Even though Varun was probably too young and vulnerable to understand…but her choice of another man over her children is not forgivable…Deserting one’s kids is never forgivable…And that promise Maan makes to Varun as they hold on to each other…a promise for life…And he has been a father figure for Varun…God bless them..

  9. Part 6 – what happened to maan.? Where he is gone.? Has something happened to him.? Why varun was calling geet to hospital….for ellie or maan.?
    Their past was lovely. He lost his father but b’coss of his neighbor he coped up with his loss. Not even geet archana & kavita, all were having fun with him. His dare turned into hilarious situation.
    Geet and maan were doing well with each other. geet made him forget his dad’s demise. He could make fun with friends. Oh….so first kiss bet maan & geet. Glad that her mother & grandmother were cool and were supportive for them.
    Oh…his mother was back as her boyfriend left her. Varun was really innocent that he wants his mother back. But maan was determined to not take her back as she was at fault in first place.
    Geet came back home finally but found her home empty. Varun’s call really worried me. What has happened to maan.? Hope he will be fine. Please update soon. Can’t wait to know what happened.

    Madhuri Kulkarni

  10. Three months passed quickly… I think now the real story will unfold. Till now the story was setting the base if I m not wrong.
    I was dreading when Maan didn’t contact Geet over the last week and when he dint come to pick her up I guessed he is in kind of a problem.
    All of Geet’s excitement of meeting Maan will turn to a shock.
    I think Maan is in an accident and he will loose his memory. And that’s when this title of the story Lost and found will do justice. Just guessing.

    It was so sad that Maan lost the only support of his parent and the one he relied on when Rajat died. And happy that he was by Varun’s side, providing him support. He dint let him sway when Namya came. When Rajat asked her to choose she chose her lover over her children so Maan’s anger is justified.

  11. Flashback was so sweet. Their transition from annoyance to acquaintances to alledged BF GF to almost lovers was very cute and nice. But present seems to be give some kind of bad signal.
    Loved the way young Maan handled his so called mother. She deserves that. He didnt fall for her like Varun did. But seems Varun was also totally dependant on Maan like Geet. They both are gonna suffer a lot of anything happens to him. Waiting to see what happened with Maan.

  12. Geet want to surprise maan
    Maan not picking calls…
    What happened to maan
    Loved maaneet child hood memories

  13. Ch 6:
    What a contrast from the last chapter….. very scared for Geet and Maan….hope he is ok as she has rushed to the hospital…… all her hopes and surprise on hold now…. wonder why Varun has summoned her to come to the hospital asap…..
    Liked the way you cut into the past and present in your stories …. even here it was refreshing to read their past and how they got together and their love blossomed……I guess we will be reading a lot of that now as she will be remembering all their encounters and funny instances….( my thought that the story is Lost and Found…. somewhere makes me think she losses him but will bring him back) I could be wrong…..just a thought….
    Maan’s character is very strong right from childhood as his decision to stay away from their mom was not easy on Varun…. especially at the time when their dad passed away, but Maan’s love and assurance that he will always take care of him and always be there for him was very consoling and mature…..or will he always be there as promised?

  14. Nice update. Initially i was confused who had died now n after watching the condition of varun i assumed it to be his wife but after heading ahead come to know its rajat, maan’s father. The combination of past n present is beautiful n balanced. When past was painful present is full of hopes n when present becomes full of uncertainity, lovely memories of past was there to console the heart. The web of relationship was never so easy for maan but it feel lovely to see him enjoying unnamed new relations.
    Waiting for next.

  15. thanks for updating 🙂

    Liked how you incorporated the past moments with the present!

    My heart when out for Maan and Varun as they lost their dad! wonder how Rajat died? his sons were left alone! at least that Geet was there to console Maan!

    wow finally Geet is going back home! Two months passed so quickly! I am surprised that Geet was not worried when she did not hear from Maan since over a week!

    Past moments were hilarious! Poor Maan……

    Can understand Geet’s disappointment not seeing Maan at the airport! but where is Maan?great seeing how Maaneets’ relationship gradually progress- they started off hating each other, then became friends and finally lovers…

    nice that Geet wants to surprise Maan but its not like him to be late! now I am worried abt Maan! Varun’s call is adding to my tension! who is at the hospital? hope everything is fine….

    I think Maan did the right thing not to let Namya live with them! he was protecting a vulnerable Varun! where was she when Rajat died? Namya would probably have left them once she found love again! cannot fathom how can a mom not chose her kids? can understand why Maan hates his mom! glad that Maan assures Varun. Admire Maan for being a wonderful bro! Varun is blessed to have Maan….

    hmm where is Namya now?

    Best Part – Maaneet’s past moments and their first kiss

    Worst Part – Maan not being at home and answering Geet’s calls…..

  16. Oooh nooo. Is maan in hospital? Or is it just that varuns wife is in for delivery? I knew something bad ws coming up. Otherwise maan not contacting her is out of question.
    For once i thought, geet is goin to find him cheating on her. Phew. Glad that didnt happen.. Waitingggg. Hope evrrything is okay..

  17. fantastically written, I thought their father was still alive, poor maan he lost his father when he was young and i guess geet tried to be his solace and tried to keep him sane with all her stupid antics. As guessed geet was the one who led them into this lovely bond and maan Who was so reluctant before now he cannot live with out her all thanks to our lovely geet. I agree with maan and I have no sympathy with kamya ad she deserved this. She left her husband and kids for another man and no wonder he left her for someone else.
    I thought there is something wrong with maan absence, I hope is safe and sound. I really don’t want them to be in pain. Waiting to know what the reason that Varun called her to hospital m, I hope it is his wife’s delivery nothing serious.

  18. Awesome update geet was returning back to her hubby she was all excited to meet him she remembered how she stood by him when his lost his dad when she made him ask her out their first kiss and when maan return seeing his mom who was left by her bf maan kick her out as she was selfish person who choose her bf over her kids geet was frowning as maan didn’t pick her up she reached home to find it empty she was calling maan but he wasn’t answering till Varun told how she needs to come to hospital geet ran praying for maan safety

  19. The flashbacks of Maan and Geet are adorable 😘
    Loved how Geet stood by Maan in times of need and how she had been naughty otherwise ☺️
    Now is it that something happened to Maan or is it that Varun just had a baby??? I hope nothing really happened to Maan!!!!
    So they live in Manhattan 😁 I am assuming they’re super rich then😜 With Geet becoming a doctor it won’t be a big deal!

  20. Dimpy

    Looks like the stage is set for the main plot now. Maan missing with no messages was an indication of something gone wrong. Flashes of past were interesting. Geet has always been the one to be straight forward with her demands 🙂 Maan showed amazing maturity at his age by being clear in his mind about his mom. Guess it was Varun remembering that part in the end. waiting for next

  21. What’s on hospital!!! Something with maan?? Or varuns baby bas born??? I’m wishing for the second one 🙁😲
    But I don’t trust you .. pretty sure something unexpected gonna happen 😣

    Those past parts … Geet has always been the badass 🤣 poor maan couldn’t make them believe :v
    Well the 1st kiss can be said initiated by geet :v I mean she’s the one gave maan a hint :v

    Namya… At that moment as well she had chosen her bf!!! Shame on that so called mother -_-

  22. I came to know about this blog just today only through facebook. I hadnt known that you have written these many stories. Have been reading FFY and BB from IF.
    N read L&F till chapter 6
    When i sawthe name of the ff i was thinking wat was lost and found? Was it their togetherness or was it their love? But when i read the prologue i realised dat it was not both because they are toooooo much in love and very open with each other. I loved the transparency in their relationship. They knew each other very well may be because they were childhood sweethearts or maybe because geet was the girl next door.
    Loved geets character. She is the bolder one among both. She is very naughty, friendly and lively. Not all those things one fould find in a surgeon. Geet is really naughty with maan and very bold too. I liked dat aspect of their relationship.
    Maan is the more calmer one but still loves and admires his wife to the bits.
    After reading the prologue i felt that geet will be having some accident when she is away and will be missing. But alas she had completed her training and is back. So wat is actually lost and found? Did maan have any accident or something? Why did varun asked geet to reach the hospital? Aah now coming to varun he is too jovial. Lol did he really had a crush on geet in childhood? I loved the bond between the four. They are a happy family. Loved how varun is always pinching geets butt to irritate maan. They all are too much open with each other and there is no space for insecurity between them.
    It was sad that maans dad died so early. It was better if it was his mom than dad. She had abandoned her husband and kids for another man and when he had left her she came back to her husbands house without an iota of shame. I really dont want maan to be loving towards his mom after this. May be he should forgive and forget but not bring the old relationsbip back. You reap what you sow. So she should be punished for her sins.
    Dr. Baileys vocabulary reminds me of kristen from BB. Lol she was calling geet model.
    So now wats gonna happen? Eagerly waiting for next update
    And please add me in password group for this story when you create one.

  23. thx …
    starting is very interesting to know tht she is going bach to him..she is so excited…to meet him …but she s worried cuz both had not talked to each other from oast one week… but i feel relaxed when glimpse of thier past r here to feel me good… maans father’s demise make them close… he cares for varun very well …
    i really surprised by his mother s character who choose her BF over her own children…
    n now wht happened to him… is he alright.. i us her feeling how much worried or impatient she is right now… hope best for maan

  24. I love geet character seriously.. she is like the light in his life..😂😂
    and how she make him do things he would never do..
    and maan was right this time… she left both her kids for her lover and when he left her that’s doesn’t give her any right to come back and say that she loves them…

    I hope that maan is fine…
    or maybe varun’s wife gave birth???
    well I like second option more..

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