Lost & Found Chapter 3

It isn’t often I get surprises, I don’t expect them and I’m sometimes not too keen on them.

Today, however I’m surprised and very happy.

“What are you doing here?” I drop my briefcase down and move forward catching my wife in my arms she hurries around the table and runs towards me.

“I missed you so much” she cradles my cheek kissing me fervently wrapping her legs around my hips as I lift her higher.

“Hi” I pull back breathing heavily and stare in disbelief. “You’ve still not answered my question” I remind.

“I’ve hit my 80hours this week, I’ve got the next two days off so I caught a flight, I have a full night and half a day tomorrow before I catch the evening flight to get back” she answers.

“You’re not playing me are you? Because if you are, I’m killing you” I stare at her seriously.

“Hot stuff I’m not kidding” she unbuttons my shirt quickly, I laugh hurrying to our bedroom and throw her into our bed climbing in behind her.

“I’ve missed you” I whisper against her temple as we both lay satiated holding one another.

“I’ve missed you too” she presses a kiss to my chest, her fingers lazily drawing over my abdomen. She lifts her head staring at me, deep inside her hazel eyes it was filled with immense love that consumed me each time I looked inside them. I cradle my wife’s cheek pressing a kiss to her forehead as I see my reflection in her eyes.

“It’s been only one week, we’ve got another” Geet pauses glancing at watch, “11 weeks, 1 day and 14 hours” she informs grinning widely.

“I’m supposed to be the maths nerd here right?” I tease.

“You’re still my geek” she grins widely climbing atop of me and smiled wickedly.

I place my hands on her hips as I lift my head just as she lowers her head and kisses me deeply.

“We better make use of our night” Geet murmurs softly, “I don’t know when I’d be able to come down next” she adds.

“Don’t worry Mrs Khurana, I may surprise you” I wink as I twist placing her on her back and thrust inside swiftly capturing her lips once again.

“So, what do you want to do today? You’ve got me for a few more hours only” Geet questions me as she walks out of our bedroom dressed in her dark jeans and hot pink tank top.

“How about we have breakfast together first?” I plate up the fried eggs and place them on the table. “Eat up, Varun is coming around to see you as well” I inform.

“I’m here”.

We turn hearing my brother’s overly cheerful voice. “Hey sexy” he walks over hugging Geet tightly, I scowl as he pinches my wife’s perfectly shaped butt.

“Pervert” Geet laughed pushing him away.

“I know you’ve missed me more” Varun winks grabbing a toast from her plate and starts eating.

“Get your own breakfast, she’s due to leave in a couple of hours” I shove him taking a seat beside my wife. “Where’s Ellie?” I ask.

“The crazy bitch is doing my head in” Varun rolled his eyes.

“She’s my best friend and your very pregnant wife – don’t forget” Geet smacked his arm.

“I love the crazy bitch but damn she’s a looney bin this morning. She made me buy her 3 different types of cookies. She wants specific ones” he huffs and looks at me with sadness, “Don’t rush into having kids – pregnant wife is not something you want to experience” he informs me with a wide smile.

“I’m sure Ellie would love to hear that” Geet laughed, “You’re just exaggerating, I’ve seen a lot of pregnant women and their husbands are so so excited and looking forward to the birth”.

“They’re more like begging for the crying sounds of their child than the sounds of their evil hormonal wife. I’m looking forward to getting the devils spawn out”.

“Stop it” Geet laughed hysterically slapping Varun’s arm, she turns to me “I hope you’re not like this”.

“For what?” I arch my brows.

“For when we decide to have our baby” Geet answers.

“When?” I question.

“When” she smiles at me, I reach for her kissing her lips.

“Don’t make me puke in my mouth please, I’m going through withdrawal symptoms” Varun scrunched his nose.

“Whatever the hell for?” Geet questions curiously.

“Ellie and I haven’t shared a bed for the last month because her stomach has grown to the size of a baby whale” Varun explains it so seriously that I couldn’t help but laugh at his plight. Geet joined in taking her into his arms and mockingly soothed him as if he were a child who’d lost his lollipop.

Varun was called away by his beloved wife, after he had left Geet grabbed the plates and placed them inside the dishwasher.

Once we’d cleaned the kitchen together, we grabbed our coats and walked out the door hand in hand.

I grin as we take a walk around our homely town, Geet pauses by Gina’s and takes some time admiring her new collection of the rare flowers she’d collected.

“How is your internship coming along?” I ask as we walked towards our local park using the quiet secluded pathway that was surrounded by lots of greenery. The sun peeked between the large trees, I spare a brief glance and stare mesmerised as my wife talked passionately about her internship programme, her brown eyes shone under the sun almost seemingly as if they were glittering.

“I’m really really hoping Bailey notices my efforts, and tells the attendings, I want to assist Dr Jacobs, he is one of the stop doctors in Seattle right now” she explains, her voice filled with excitedly and passion. I look confused as she pauses and frowns at me.

“Are you heading a word of what I’m saying?” she stops in her tracks resting her hands on her hips.

“I am” I nod, “but it’s getting difficult, hearing the passion in your voice Geet I’m so so happy for you. I want you to excel at your field” I tell her, she knows it already but I wanted her to hear it again from me.

“I know” she whispered tiptoeing and kisses me gently, “Thank you”.



“So here we are again” I turn around facing my husband as I have now checked in and ready to head to Seattle.

“Here we are” my husband was going through different emotions at one time, he was happy for me and excited yet disappointed and sad about my leaving.

“Surprise me, hot stuff” I tell him, he nods at me closing his eyes. I tiptoe pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips, “Say bye to me, properly. I want a proper send off”.

He cups my cheeks in his large palms lowering his head and kisses me firmly, he pulls me close entwining his arms around me and held me pressed to him.

“I’m going to miss you” he declares once more.

“Me too” I sigh caressing his cheek, “remember to surprise me, Mr. I want to see you soon” I tell him.

“I’ll bring Varun and his crazy Ellie belly for you” he jokes.

“As long as your hot ass is there” I laugh, my smile fades as my flight information is updated and it shows boarding. I hug Maan once more stealing another kiss then make my way to the plane. I already felt my head almost missing a piece of myself, I sometimes hated this 3 month internship programme that I was having to attend before I can land the job at the local best hospital. Apparently, before I can join them I had to be trained at this hospital.

“Where have you been?” Sam questions as I finally arrive to the house we’re all sharing for the next couple of months.

“You’ve been gone just over a day” Liam states.

“I’d gone to visit my husband, I’d done my 80 hours a week” I answer and head upstairs towards my bedroom. I open the door frowning as I see Lexie sleeping so comfortably in bed. I chuck my jacket, shoes off then climbed into bed. Automatically, she turns and spoons.

“I missed you” she mumbles.

“Of course you missed your favourite cuddle toy” I roll my eyes and pull away shifting over to my side more.

“How was your trip home?” Lexie shifts facing me.

“It was good” I smile snuggling into the blanket, “Missing my husband terribly, but this distance makes me appreciate and love him more. Also, not to forget our sex life is even more mind blowing”.

“Hot damn” Lexie muttered, “I miss having a sex life. What if I have to pay for sex?”

“You won’t pay for sex” I laugh, “Someone will be dumb enough to pick you up in a bar”.

Lexie rolls her eyes and smiles, “I’m going to go to the bar after work tomorrow, I’m going to get drunk and find myself a fuck buddy” she tells me yawning and dozing off midway. “You wanna come?” she opens one eye.

“No thanks. I’m self servicing until my husband surprises me” I respond, she chuckles burrowing her face into the pillow.

“You should come” she mumbles.

“I’ll come for a drink” I answer, she smiles nodding her head and dozes off.

I sigh turning onto my right side, my eyes draw to the picture frame I’d placed on the nightstand.

I sit up unable to sleep and grab the frame caressing my husband’s face, he’d been just promoted and we’d gone out to dinner to celebrate. We’d invited Varun, Ellie, Maan’s father – Rajat Khurana, and his mother Namya.

I ponder over the relationship that my mother in law shares with her husband, they were both divorced, there was a sort of love – hate relationship between them though they continued to remain civil enough around Maan and Varun despite knowing both boys know the shortcomings of their mother and father.

I don’t think I would be able to remain civil if I had been in such a situation where my husband and I have separated.


“You’re making me embarrassed to call you my friend” Yusuf shook his head, “We’ve come down to enjoy bowling”.

“I know man, stop going on about how much you’re missing your wife” Leon scowled, “I’ve come out to not talk about these women”.

“I am missing her terribly” I murmur huffing, my mind was not interested in the game. I enjoyed spending our boys night where it was just us boys getting together, we usually either went to a games centre or spent time at bowling as Yusuf didn’t drink, Leon being a lawyer had court in the mornings and me being a financial adviser – I had early morning appointments and would not be able to just stumble in hungover.

“Don’t ever say that in front of my wife – she’d want me to feel an ounce of what you’re feeling. I’m looking forward to her leaving to her mother’s for the kids half term holidays m” Yusuf grinned widely.

“How she’s still with you, I don’t know” Leon laughed shaking his head.

“I love my wife a lot – but sometimes you just want a break” he answers.

“I don’t” I cut.

“You’re no longer a man” Leon jokes slapping my head playfully.

“Your wife has taken your manhood with her” Yusuf mocked.

I roll my eyes, I couldn’t care less. If admitting I am missing my wife made me less of a man, I don’t care. I pull out my phone and type a text.

You’re probably sleeping but I just want to let you know that I love you and missing you already so much xxx

I’m missing you too hot stuff! XxxxxxxxxX

She responds within a minute.


29 thoughts on “Lost & Found Chapter 3”

  1. Dimpy

    Lovely part. Didn’t expect Geet to visit in between and it was like they were stealing some moments together. lets see if Maan will be able to surprise her too. Varun scene was funny. I’m kind of waiting for something to happen, I don’t know what 🙂

  2. Wow she took a a trip around the world just to be with him for a day and a half awwww that was so cute too bad it ended so soon. Loving the relationship between Varun and Geet its so cute . Slap Yusuf and Varun for making dumb comments and ya how are their wives still in love with them. Geet is very ambitious I wonder if her ambition will get the worst of her. She knows Maan needs her as she has been I guess the missing piece of the puzzle in his life. Are you foreshadowing something as Geet was talking about Maan’s parents being separated. As Beyonce sings drunk in love that what these two are looking forward to more 🙂

  3. Part 3 – Geet’s surprise was really a pleasant surprise for maan. He didn’t expect her to come. They love so much each other that they can’t stay away for few days. After hearing geet’s friends and maan’s friends, even varun’s talk about their spouses, maan & geet share such lovely bond, touch wood, that nothing should happen to them.
    Varun was funny. He already got frustrated dealing his pregnant wife, though he loves her so much. His advice to maan about getting his wife pregnant was funny.
    Maan’s friend teasing him about his manhood was funny. But he felt like that only, without her he was nothing.
    Geet’s thought about their separation, seeing her in-laws’s love & hate relationship, was scaring. Its like she would never want to give chance to her husband or adjust according to the situation, if such times comes.
    Their goody-goody, lovey-dovey life is like indication of coming storm.
    Waiting to see if maan could surprise her.

    Madhuri Kulkarni

  4. It was quite amazing. Geet surprised Maan. They both have missed each other immensely. Geet is something so open with her feelings. Infect Maan also never leave a chance to tell geet how much he loves her. The short trip ended soon and again maneet got separated but with the hope that this time maan would surprise her. One more thing which I liked is that maan respects and also gives equally importance to Geet’s career. Waiting for next

  5. all the parts were very cute n lovey dovey but still did not get why dis is is titled as lost& Found?
    After the first part i read both the updates in anticipation that something is going to happen like may be maan or geet may be seperated or somethin and den their new journey will begin or may be they have got a past which will be revealed .Both the characters seem to be very real.waiting for next.

  6. Such a lovely surprise for Maan and I’m glad they doing anything they can to keep their relationship alive..Being apart from each other when you are so in love must be hard for them..But it’s good to see that Maan is supporting Geet with her medical career 100%.

    Loving the bhabhi/devar relationship between Geet and Varun..they seem to be very close..maybe cz he’s married to her best friend.

    It’s been a lovely few chapters so im assuming something bad is about to happen according to the title.


  7. They are so madly in love with each other. Cant imagine them losing their love or the hurt they will be in if someone is lost. Geet is flying after 80hr shift to be with her hubby. How sweet it is….
    How did they fall un love like this?!!? Waiting to read the past.

  8. you start with geet entry,i get confused how geet come here, but after reading more, i get ,actually she surprised him…. i love her surprise… sort period but both enjoyed the warmth….
    just waiting to see when maan going to give her surprise 🙂

  9. Lovely update. Great surprise geet has given to maan. Firstly i thought it to be a dream sequence but after listening to their conversation i realise its reality. When i got an off in mid i would catch bus or train here our geet caught flight. Hahaha.
    Maan is missing his wife n become a person for mock. Is it real so. May be we make fun of person who is strong enough to accept his feelings in front of all. I think so may be maan friends are not strong enough to accept their feelings for their loved ones that why they were behaving like that. Or may be they are really fedup of family life so want break.
    What is there in family background of maan of which geet is scared.
    Waiting for next.

  10. Ch 3:
    Surprises are really good and especially from a person you are missing terribly… so Geet’s surprise was like breath of fresh air for Maan and her..,, it just shows how much they miss each other their relationship with each other is on a high and feels very hot n happening … but then we speak about Maan’s parents and his friends who are either separated or looking for some time for themselves without their wife or kids… they feel suffocated at Rome’s or maybe overwhelmed with a lot of responsibilities… wonder what is in store for these two… Trying to figure out the gist of the story.. Lost and Found.., a little anxiety here for what is going to come next..,

  11. Just loved geet surprise maan…
    Maan was like what are you doing here is the Qn he asked geet…
    Aww maaneet moments were lovely and warm
    Varun is really funny guy
    Waiting for maan how he will surprise geet

  12. M loving this this one,this is simply amazing n m soo loving it. There love looks soo beautiful,n honest…M glad that they were able to meet eachother soon enough…Maaneets love for eachother n there wait seems soo genuine, n heart touching…M soo in love with this couple in love…
    Waiting to read more of it..
    Beautifully written update too gud

  13. Love this colourful chapter.. I like varun the lively character of this story lol 😂
    Aww geet surprised him.. now it’s Maan’s turn.. why the fish I’m thinking there’s something gonna happen.. in every other scene 😕
    Waiting for next update

  14. Awesome update loved how geet surprised maan by her visit both love each other so much and misses each other can’t get enough of each other loved geet and Varun bonding how much free he is with geet he is married to geet friend and crib how she makes him run as she is pregnant maan very much proud of geet has accomplish and hope she earns more achievement both missing each badly maan friends are so funny whereas maan cribbing how much he is missing geet

  15. Nice part wow like geet surprised vist so l0ver noy happy to see his love😍😍😍😍
    Loved geet vicky bunter vicky is really mishevious ops talking about his 0tagent wife like i vet if she losten him she will burry him livr before his baby is born😃😃😃😃😃😃 very bad habbit to talk like that abouy id wife
    Likr maan convo they really loved eachother cant live euth oot eachther well like maan if gave is wife a surprise visit
    Poor geet busy schedle still gt little time to cmr n meet her hubby really appreciate her

  16. Wow that was a surprise
    Geet came for few hours :O

    Gosh these maaneet r head over heels in love with each other 🤪
    It’s like they aren’t properly taking breath 🙄
    Lol Yusuf 🤭 geet has taken maans manhood from him 🤣🤣🤣

    Maans parents r devorced! I’m pretty sure you’ll be taking divorce track on maaneet on future 🤔

  17. Story started with so much love and the characters looks very close to reality now a days couples with fast and hectic life style has given love stories a different taste thier love is complicated how much they are in love so it is a good experience to read such love through this story

  18. ahh indeed a wonderful surprise! it was sweet of Geet to visit Maan! liked Maan’s reaction! admire their immense love for each other! hmm I hope Maan stays true to his words and surprises her!

    love the bond between Geet and Varun! wow he married her best friend! Poor Varun having a tough time with his cranky pregnant wife! I am sure Maan will be pamper Geet when she is pregnant!

    great that Geet is so passionate abt her career! I think that Maan is the best hubby!

    bittersweet goodbyes….till they meet again!

    Geet and Lexie share a lovely bond! nice that Geet agreed to go out with Lexie! I am amazed that Maan’s parents are courteous to each other but I guess they have to for their sons! why did they get divorced?

    I do not think that Maan is less of a man as he is missing his wife!

    best part – Geet surprising Maan
    worst part – Geet leaving to Seattle!

  19. I so so loved the surprise:):):) Such a wonderful surprise so full of love:):):) Nothing can beat that. I can imagine how much they love each other for Geet to travel all the way back to spend those off hours with him…And she knew her hot stuff too well…how he must be feeling without her…empty…That was how much they were missing each other…and they gave each other so much of memories to last them through till the next time they see one another…I can’t wait for Maan’s surprise…I love the way Maan expresses his love for her with no hesitation in front of his buddies…let others think what they may…But hate this separation of Maaneet… Stupid internship so far far away…but what to do…she needs to do it for her career…Can Maan take a sabbatical from work and join her for the duration? That would be the most wonderful surprise:):):) I don’t want any distance between them like this.

  20. Nice update wow geet surprised maan come to meet him Seeing geet Maan so happy they love each other so much geet spend time maan varun come meet maaneet varun say his pregnant wife cranky moodswing troubling him 2 day geet leave maan

  21. It was sweet seeing Geet surprising Maan 😍
    Ok so I again wanna know which state do they live in?
    We know pretty much everyone in Maan’s family! Will we also come across Geet’s family?
    So this story seems different to what I had thought of it to be 😜 or will it go in a different direction? Can’t wait to know!!!
    I am sure that there’s something that will cause them to drift apart and that makes me anxious because there’s a lot of suspense as to what will happen?

  22. I liked how geet surprised maan which was totally unexpected by the way..
    in last update she was talking about impressing her senior but here she is with maan … I liked it.
    but I hate the separation.. why geet had to go again???😔
    Varun is a pervert .. flirting with his own brother wife.. well not done varun and on top of that he is claiming about his pregnant wife . he is lucky his wife didn’t listened his complains.. hehe

    loved it

  23. Awesome part…geet surprise was a great gesture … though she is too busy in her work but she took the time to surprise maan not caring About her tiredness and workload but maan is no less he loves her so much that he allowed her to work so far just for her happiness…both are very supportive.. waiting for next update

  24. A wonderful surprise by Geet for maan…💓💓
    Both are trying to steal a little bit of time whenever they get a chance.. the talk of Maan’s parents getting separate is a hint of their future or what??? Hope it’s not that…but whatever be the case I trust u n your story… whatever you show will bring maaneet stronger n closer…

    Geet n Varun’s bonding is just too good… their bond actually makes Maan jealous 😂😂😂

    Maan n his friends really needs to given a good lesson for spoiling Maan…. Poor Maan here he is being loyal to his wife n there his friends claiming about his wife taking away his manhood along wid her…. Had they been in his place would they have done the same???

    Egarly awaiting for the next update…
    Aarushi Jain

  25. Surprises are the best thing …….loving Geet and Maans want for each other and the way they are supporting each other too…….hope this continues this way.Geet and Varun share a pretty comfortable and open relationship …..was a bit uncomfortableto initially but Varun being married I could understand the perspective
    Maans parents relationship we need to know more about them to comment on their approach towards each other ……but atleast they have the maturity to be cordial in front of their boys
    Waiting for Maans surprise to Geet

  26. omg i loved d way geet surprise maan… n he is too not less he commits to her abt his surprise visit to her… gerts buddirs r too interesting like varun… his opinion abt his wife n her pregnancy seems hilarious… i wish maan don’t do anything stupid …

  27. Geet coming down all the way to Maan was lovey-dovey. And Maan made sure to utilise all the time wisely. They both couldn’t help to keep hands off each other.
    Varun- Geet’s relationship is so fun. They are also really close like friends and playful. I hope Maan doesn’t bash Varun for teasing Geet.
    Time flies by very quick. Time to say another goodbye. I like Maan is so expressive here. He doesn’t hesitate to show how badly he misses Geet even if it is in front of his friends.
    It was funny to read the jokes his friends were having at his expense.

  28. That’s what I was talking about, they could reduce the gap by having frequent visits whenever they get time. Really adore their love for each other, it seems so magical. Like the way you portrayed feelings of Maan it seems like he is hopelessly in love with geet and never shy away from declaring it. Waiting to see when maan is going to make visit to geet.

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